On Wednesday, April 15, at around 6:30 a.m., Bob was a pedestrian hit by a car on Rockville Pike. It was raining and visibility was very poor, and as we know Bob's mobility is somewhat limited. We are still waiting on the police report to find out what the details were. He was brought by ambulance to Suburban Hospital, where he had two surgeries: one to repair a puncture to his bladder, and one because both of his legs were broken by the impact.

I am Bob's niece Jenny, and I will be keeping this blog updated as often as there is news to report. Please tell people about it who are concerned about Bob and would like to keep abreast of his condition. The family requests that calls be kept to a minimum for now, that questions and well-wishes be posted to this site, all of which will be conveyed to Bob. He is very positive and hopeful every day, and is buoyed by the love of his family and friends.