Up and Down...

Two days of updates today, folks. It's been a roller coaster couple of days for Bob and his family; following the surgery on Friday morning he seemed set back some, with less eye contact and less responsiveness. Barbara reported on Sunday, "Bob still opens his eyes and looks at us with feeling when we speak to him - though most of the time right now he's asleep. The iPod by his bed keeps the beat of his favorite songs - we feel sure it's helping." She related a story to me about one of his nurses who was very excited about his love of music and brought in her own recordings of reggae. "She played it loud and clapped and danced, and reported that when she did, his blood pressure went right down. The doctors tell us he is stabilized and that everything will take time."

Yesterday Kevin wanted to go down and see him, so Susie, George and Barbara all went down with him and were thrilled and relieved to see a whole new Bob from the day before. From Barbara, "Bob was much more responsive today - opening his eyes with every new voice, squeezing our hands, even seeming to try to raise his body (and free himself from the maze of tubes going everywhere). We felt very encouraged and thankful for the good care he is getting. Also, thankful to all our dear, wonderful family and friends who have sent us and Bob so many loving messages. Please continue to send email notes - the days are so exhausting, it can be hard to talk by phone right now. Love to all, from Bob and all of us."

So El Dobbo (as bro-in-law George calls him, a loving mutation of his nickname "Bobbo Dobbo") does seem to be fighting his way back to us. His love of his family, his music, his friends, and his life must be his strength through this terrible trial. And strong he is...and loved! His very, very dear friend Keith drove to visit him yesterday as well, which we know had to have been a huge boon when Bob heard his voice.

As we are traveling this road, Bob's family is grateful for all the well-wishes and calls of concern. We have been inundated with people who want to reach out to us and to Bob, hear how he's progressing, send their love and caring over the miles. As you can surely imagine, though, in the face of moving more than 40 years of their lives from one house to another and the upheaval of Bob's accident (all of which happened in the span of three days), Barbara and Walter cannot handle the volume of calls that they are receiving. Therefore, on their behalf, Susie and Jenny are gratefully requesting that all contact be made through them or through this website. Susie's cell phone is 240-672-3431, and Jenny's is 301-580-9386. It's also possible for anyone to leave comments on this website - the bottom of each posting has a place where comments can be left, and we promise to relate every word to Bob and Barbara and Walter.

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