"I'm going to get my whole life back."

From Barbara:

It's four weeks since Bob was taken to Suburban Hospital, and today, he made a big step forward - he felt, for the first time, that he could really recover. For the past week or so his mood has been sad and frustrated, mixed with great anxiety (when he wasn't almost totally subdued by medications). At the same time, his body and mind have been healing steadily, and his greater awareness has made him more and more upset about being in the hospital. We tried to comfort him as best we could, letting him know we understood how he felt. Today, when I came in to his room, he was as distressed as ever, insisting that he wanted to "get out" and NOW. I know at that moment he felt betrayed by my inability to whisk him right out the door, into the car and back to his apartment. It took a while for him to calm down and later, almost miraculously, his mood began to change. He'd closed his eyes for a while, and I was sitting near his bed, when he turned his head toward me and began to talk - very very slowly and softly. Some of his words were almost inaudible, and I had to lean close to hear.

"I can't believe I did that," he said. "But it happens." I realized he was talking about the accident, something he has never said anything about, never wanted to hear about. We didn't know if he remembered it. Then, he said, "I feel very fortunate that I didn't get into a more horrendous accident."

He cried hard, and then, "I'm sorry but this is the only way I can express myself." And, a few minutes later, "I feel that I'm going to get my whole life back together again." Amen.

And more news: Dr. Westerband, the wonderful surgeon in charge of his care, came to Bob's room today to talk about next steps. He is very happy about Bob's progress - clinically, he is 100% better than the day he first saw him, and he is ready for a new stage, not quite a rehab facility because of his extreme weakness, need for further medical care, and the fact that he can't put weight on his legs for another 6-8 weeks. What he is recommending is a nursing facility that will give him appropriate care along with some physical therapy, occupational therapy and other help. This is planned as a step toward actual rehab. We are waiting to see what help Bob's health insurance can provide, and then to visit various recommended places to see what would be most appropriate for him.

There's a long road still ahead, but Bob can do it! Especially with all of you behind him - his extended family - whose beautiful words of encouragement come every day. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

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