"A tough cookie!"

We were excited on Monday to see Bob actually eat - chew and swallow - real food! - a meal of chicken, potatoes, carrots, apple sauce, milk, tomato soup and pineapples. Not that he ate it all, but the act itself was real progress. His nurse reported that before we arrived he had been really lively - waving to the secretaries in the hall, answering her questions (even volunteering that he didn't want to come back to this place). And she reported proudly that he had been able to sit in a chair for a little while. When we came, he was pretty tired from all this, but was relaxed while being fed.

On Tuesday, his orthopedic surgeon, who had done complicated surgery to repair both legs, called to say that the steel rod in one leg had slipped and he would have to do another procedure, which was scheduled for Wednesday morning (yesterday). He also needed more oxygen to help him out while his lungs are getting stronger so he's in a kind of face mask to pump more into his system. He came through the surgery very well and though tired out, he was alert when he came back to his room, and talking even more than before. The doctors and nurses at the ICU are just terrific - watching over him constantly and with real concern, affection, respect and optimism. We say a grateful thanks to them and to all our family and friends who surround him and us with loving help and support. As one nurse said earlier, "he's a tough cookie," and we look forward to seeing him bounce back from this new surgery and be ready for his next 5-course feast.
As Bob would say, "Stay tuned."

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