Off the Ventilator!

Update from Barbara, as I was out of town this weekend and haven't seen Bob since Wednesday.

"Again, our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has written to express their concern and love. We feel encouraged by Bob's progress from day to day. On Sunday, they removed the ventilator, and he definitely seemed more alert - even able to growl some words from a very sore throat. His first sentence, which I leaned in to hear, was, "I want a soda." His breathing is somewhat fast (lungs are still healing), and he is getting extra oxygen through a new contraption. All the contraptions, of course, are driving him crazy and we're not sure he actually comprehends yet what has happened or where he is. Today, the speech therapist is coming in to test his ability to swallow (something that can be affected by ventilators) and we hope the test will lead to that soda - or, really, food and drink. He waved to me through the glass panel of his ICU room with a hand wrapped in a fat white mitt (to prevent pulling out wires). I'm sure he's waving to all of you, with thanks."

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